4 New & Unexpected Ways to Use Infographics

As people’s attention spans become shorter the use of infographics have taken off. Infographics are generally used to represent data visually, and have become more widespread as visual data becomes more popular. It makes sense, since out our brains remember and enjoy visuals much better than text. Companies and schools have been using them for years, but now they’re becoming more mainstream. There are so many fun and cool things you can do with an infographic.

Here are 4 that we found to be original and awesome.

1. Recipes

crepe recipe

Of course! It makes so much sense. Having ingredients in picture form instead of small text makes it so much easier to cook and prepare food and remember what ingredients you need. Step-oriented processes always do well when made into an infographic, so this is a perfect pairing. There are infographics of many types of recipes, including baked goods, mixed drinks, and even smoothies. If you like to cook, this may be a good way for you to throw a little something together.


2. Birth Announcement

birth infographic

Ahhh, the wonder of bringing home a new bundle of joy. And what better way to let the world know than through an infographic. More fun and descriptive than boring text, these infographic announcements can include more details about the time and place of birth. It also, as demonstrated above, allows the new parents to infuse a little humor into the situation.

baby announcement

3. Holiday Cards

new year infographic

We’ve all received those 6 page long emails (or even letters!) from friends and family, outlining all the details of their lives for the past year. While we may love and like our family (if we’re lucky), who has the time or attention span to read a whole letter? It’s much more fun to include a nice picture and some bullet point facts, along with graphics and even some data viz than to read tons of texts. You can even create a board game out of your holiday card, like the one below.

new year

4. Save the Date/Wedding Invite


It’s always fun to share your love with the world, but what if you could do it in a cool, infographic kind of way? These cards really help the people who receive them to feel connected to the couple, which increases their joy.
wedding invitation

We are seeing a greater overall trend where people are becoming more empowered to innovate through various visual creation tools. People are looking for a fun and funny way to upgrade different parts of their lives, and creating visual and interesting cards, invitations and the like not only makes it an enjoyable experience for the user, but also for the receiver.

Here at DEEP, we investigate the world of knowledge visualization, so stay up to date with us as we share our findings!

Share your Experience

If you have any great visual content creation tools that  you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section!


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