10 Funny Examples of Data Viz That Will Make Your Day

We’re all about the data viz here at DEEP, and although we take it seriously, it’s also nice to have a little fun now and again. Here are ten data visualizations that cracked us up.

1. It’s the Boss’s Law…


2. It’s Actually Amazing Any of Us Gets Any Sleep At All


3. It’s Funny Because It’s True



4. When You Think About It, With Just a Few Different Factors, the Whole Santa Thing Could Go Very Very Badly….

4who is this guy

5.  Seriously, Though…Has Anyone Ever Gotten Out of Ikea in Less Than an Hour?! #Impossible

5 ikea

6. Wait, You Mean Vacation is Supposed to be Enjoyable?!

6 vacation

7. It’s Bound to Happen, Right? Words Will Become Irrelevant, and We’ll All Just Emoji Each Other

7 bound

8. Riiiiiiiight?

7 #2

9. Legit Song Graphs



10. We’re All Hyped Until We Get Off the Plane…


Here at DEEP, we investigate the world of knowledge visualization, so stay up to date with us as we share our findings!

Share your Experience

If you have any great graphs that  you’d like to share, let us know in the comments section!



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