Our Story, Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a corporate far far away, lived a rag-tag team of designers, techies and marketers with a genius idea.

It all started with DEEP’s founders and core tech team, who all used to work together developing interactive interfaces for TV services. One day, they had the idea to provide TV viewers with the relevant background information that could be quickly brought up on mobile while watching their favorite shows.

As they investigated, they realized knowledge in general was a hot topic, but that the current online knowledge solutions weren’t a good fit for most users, specifically Millennials. They weren’t quick, visual, mobile, and they didn’t offer a good discovery experience.

They felt that Google and other search engines answered a question very quickly, but, discovering  more was a lengthy process. IMDB and Wikipedia were good for giving the full background on TV, movies and celebs, however, their solution is text heavy.

Therein came the team’s first of many A-ha! moments: they should make knowledge fun, visually appealing, and easy to use. How could they build something to fill the gap?

With the blessing of the large corporate that bought the previous company where they all worked, they founded DEEP. Their first thought was “We want to reinvent the way knowledge is offered to the masses.”

They came up with a plan, focused on the following tenets:

  • Knowledge should be offered in bite-sized portions
  • It must be visual, mobile friendly, and engaging
  • Knowledge cannot just sit there quietly waiting to someone to search for it

Where have we gone since then? Check out our timeline for the company story. Strap on your seat-belt and enjoy the ride!

So, knowledge world, wait no more! We’re here to rock you.

The End.
Just kidding. We’re just getting started!




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